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What You Need to Know About Rep. Otten's Dangerous Voting Record

Voting record below

We TRUST our elected representatives to advocate, legislate, and vote in the interest of our health, safety, and welfare. But in the case of the 155th’s Representative Danielle Friel Otten, she does the exact opposite: endangering our children, seniors, veterans, police and disabled. Her votes expose them to harm and abuse. The fact is, her voting record reflects a person that sympathizes with and favors repeat offenders and dangerous criminals over law abiding citizens who become the victims.

And just this past week, on October 26th, Wednesday’s vote on SB 1152, a bill to require the reporting of opioid events. Otten was the only NO from Chesco: Click here for details.

Take a look at Representative Otten’s votes for yourself and see how she voted time and again against protecting you and your loved ones.

The bottom line is that we know that crime has surged and impacted our suburban neighborhoods here in Chester County. We've been experiencing crimes ranging from car break-ins, theft of catalytic converters, and retail theft to armed carjackings, home invasions, armed robbery, and human trafficking. Opioid deaths have skyrocketed due to the increased flow of fentanyl into our communities. PA State Police report a sixfold increase of fentanyl seizures in the state. What we are experiencing is not normal, not something we should get used to, and not acceptable.

Even other cities, including San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia, are pushing back on soft-on-crime progressive policies that discourage the prosecution of violent criminals and repeat offenders. Urban offenders end up coming out to our community, creating the destruction of life as we know it.

Otten's soft-on-crime ideology and policies are dangerous for our communities and our Commonwealth. We have the right to say NO!

Let's put our community first.

Vote. Otten. Out.

Paid for by the Uwchlan Republican Committee

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