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We Need a Supervisor Who Will Build NOT Destroy Uwchlan Township!

Beyond Uwchlan Township, thousands of dollars were donated to the Lionville Fire Company and local food banks.

To be a Township Supervisor, one must exemplify leadership, understanding, and humility. A good Supervisor knows when to step in and when to rely on others. Unfortunately, Bill Miller exhibited none of these essential traits when deciding to take over and ultimately destroy the Uwchlan Industrial Development Authority (UIDA).

The UIDA is a unique program established approximately 20 years ago. UIDA acts as a conduit between manufacturing companies or nonprofit agencies seeking loans with the various banks looking to offer loans to such borrowers. Through this process, the borrowers can obtain a lower interest rate on those needed loans, and the lenders receive certain protections on being repaid. As compensation for putting borrower and lender together, the UIDA gets a fee. The fees earned by the UIDA supported Uwchlan Township and local nonprofit agencies.

The UIDA funded Uwchlan Township for such things as:

  • Money to purchase bulletproof vests for our police,

  • Approximately $30,000 to buy two roadside illuminated signs,

  • Funding to replace the roof on the Cadwalader House, and

  • $50,000 for the installation of our Veteran’s Memorial.

Beyond Uwchlan Township, thousands of dollars were donated to the Lionville Fire Company, local food banks and many other local organizations.

The UIDA’s support of Uwchlan Township essentially ended in January 2019, when either because of ignorance or spite, Bill Miller, as chairman of the Uwchlan Township Board of Supervisors, had himself appointed to the UIDA to replace one of its original members. When Miller took over, all new lending activity through UIDA ceased. No new loans have been written. A review of the UIDA meeting minutes suggests its 3-4 meetings a year last approximately 20 minutes and only consist of a review of the bank account statement and some other basic information. The previously reported balance in the UIDA account is a mere $1,638.45. That balance has remained steady since 2019.

How did this happen? That answer is easy. Miller did not do the work required to develop the relationships or attempt to sell the benefits of the UIDA to lenders. The fees generated by the UIDA required hard work and dedication. Membership on the UIDA is more than a name or a title. Either Miller needs help understanding, or his arrogance prevents him from seeing that the UIDA needs help.

We can put the UIDA back on the right track on November 7th.

Vote NO to Bill Miller for another term as a Township Supervisor.

We can and must do better!

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