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When Bill Miller Wins - YOU LOSE!

Let's set his record straight.

Bill Miller is full of broken promises. Miller was elected to the Uwchlan Board of Supervisors in 2017, with over 90% of his campaign funding coming from Political Action Committees (PACs) outside of PA. The majority was from a Washington DC-based PAC that was not concerned with the needs of our township. Its only goal was to push an agenda.

Miller ran on a BIG LIE that he could stop the "dangerous - toxic" Mariner East 2 Pipeline running through Uwchlan Township. Miller promised Uwchlan residents that he would stop the Pipeline. He didn't. Miller vowed to stand up to builders and stand up for residents. He hasn't.

On Miller's watch, we are being subjected to more building, crowding, traffic, and speeding, with the ongoing threat of warehouses forced into our community. All of these will ultimately change Uwchlan, and reduce our quality of life and home values.

Builders have been given carte blanche in Uwchlan Township.

  • Miller voted YES to the Happy Days Farm mega-warehouse development.

  • Miller voted YES to the Eagleview Town Center Apartments.

  • Miller voted YES to put a prominent and influential local developer to be on the Traffic Impact Committee, presenting likely conflicts of interest.

Traffic and storm-water management issues remain problematic despite residents' continued pursuit of solutions, as documented in the recorded public comment from various Uwchlan Board of Supervisors meetings (BOS). Additionally, our resources are being mismanaged, namely trash.

One of the most significant travesties has been the dissolution of the Uwchlan Industrial Development Authority. Upon election, Miller swiftly removed its founding members with no plan for development. He took over and destroyed the Uwchlan Industrial Development Authority (UIDA), losing access to desperately needed dollars for our Township. depriving Uwchlan Township of over $100,00 used to support needs outside of routine expenditures without burdening residents with such expenses.

Miller does not have the drive or the vision that it takes to lead such a project championed by volunteers. Projects, like the UIDA require passion and inspiration - Not solely administration.

We deserve better!

Bill Miller lacks the drive, backbone and the leadership strength required to ask the hard questions, make the tough decisions, and do the right things for Uwchlan Township.

Vote NO to Miller on November 7There is a better CHOICE.

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