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                                                                                      Uwchlan Republican Committee

What We Stand For

As a voter, you can anticipate your Republican candidates and elected officials; you elect Republican Municipal (Twp. Supervisor, Auditor, Tax Collector, Constable, etc.) and School Board officials to aspire to these principles when representing you locally.


Safe neighborhoods. We have treasured the peaceful and secure environment we have enjoyed over the years in Uwchlan. However, we are concerned about increased crime, evidenced by a surge in break-ins, theft in neighboring stores, and other questionable activity. Safety is a top priority for us. We support our law enforcement teams and want them adequately staffed, funded, and empowered to protect our families and property.


Effective traffic control. We support more effective controls to manage local traffic, discouraging neighborhood speeding and cut-through. 


High-quality schools and a fiscally responsible school board. We demand fiscally responsible school boards, the lowest taxes possible, and education promoting free-thinking and academics that prepare our students to compete in a global economy. In addition, we will support school board directors who honor parents' rights to determine what is suitable for their children and parent's right to choose where they want to have their children educated.


Residents right to personal privacy. We support the rights of individuals to have confidentiality in their actions. How an individual chooses to act, as long as it is in a manner that does not violate the law, is not the business of anyone but that individual. 


An economic environment is conducive to small business. We believe forcing local small businesses to close during the pandemic hurt many Americans, while large corporations like Amazon benefitted. Allowing small businesses to set safety measures is better than a one-size-fits-all approach. Local taxes should be lowered to help small businesses stay competitive. Also, we believe in fewer regulations and fees for small local businesses competing with larger companies during the continued COVID recovery.  


A positive relationship between local businesses and the residential community. We support zoning and property development that is good for our community, preserves its' character, maintains our quality of life, and is fair to businesses, property owners, and developers. 


Conservation and environmental protection. We encourage and support initiatives to protect our water, air, soil, and wildlife. Traffic circles, LED public lighting, green spaces, storm-water run-off management, recycling, and other measures should be improved, researched, and adopted when structured to ensure a healthy place for our residents, families, and businesses.


Preservation of open space and parks. We support low-density development in combination with the protection of Open Space and well-maintained parks.


Limited government and low taxes. Young families should be able to start and stay in Uwchlan Township, and our seniors should remain in their homes and enjoy family and friends while being close to quality healthcare. We demand that our officials consider all residents in managing our township's budget; those residents do not incur one penny more as much as ultimately necessary.


Transparency, honesty, and fairness. Local governance should not be political. Promises that cannot be kept should not be made. The Mariner East Pipeline is now completed (April 2022). It was clear that the pipeline could NOT be stopped, yet empty promises were made to Uwchlan residents. We believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons - Not for political gain.


These are the principles that the Uwchlan Township Republican Committee aspires to in its efforts to protect our quality of life, promote good governance, and foster a welcoming community.

Uwchlan Committee Members


Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and or suggestions. We will respond.

Area 25 - Leadership Team


Michael Taylor, Chair 

Doug Bucklin, Vice Chair

Doug Simpson, Treasurer

Barbara Sherlock, Secretary

Email for information 








Uwchlan 1


Township Building

715 N Ship Rd





Uwchlan 2


Calvary Chapel

217 Dowlin Forge Rd,





Uwchlan 3


Lionville Middle School 

550 W Uwchlan Ave





Uwchlan 4


Lionville Middle School 

550 W Uwchlan Ave





Uwchlan 5

Uwchlan Township Building

715 N. Ship Road





Uwchlan 6


Shamona Creek Elementary School

501 Dorlan Mill Road





Uwchlan 7

Uwchlan Hills Elementary

50 Peck Road





Uwchlan 8


Uwchlan Hills Elementary

50 Peck Road





Uwchlan 9

St Paul's United Church of Christ

101 Worthington Road


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