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Why Republican?

Political differences are about differences in world view. They’re based on what the role of government should be.

"What is the role of government – How is power brokered?"

The fundamental question is, however - Who should have more power; the people or the government? Who should make the decisions and set the guidelines that impact how we live, work, spend through federal, state and local taxation, laws, and regulations that are set in place?

How does the influence of governmental power impact everyday American lives - Who we are and permitted to be and become?


Government power can impact our daily lives through three fundamental ways:

1)  Financial. Control of the money you have to spend; spending power. Controlled through taxation; federal, state,              local, inheritance, business and other means of taxation impacting the amount of discretionary income left over to   

     be used as one chooses.

2)  Occupational. Control over occupational choices and doing business how and where you want; controlled through

      taxation, regulations and other requirements that inhibit companies of all sizes most significantly small business and       sole proprietors from starting and growing.

3) Social. Control over the ability to do the things you want to do in your life – Government can engineer how things are     done. The government can set the framework of social control dictating how and what we are able or permitted to

    communicate and the channels and ease of access we have to others of our choosing; including social venues,      

    religion/ church, political groups, causes, etc. and access to information that connects us to like-minded people

    through leisure, hobbies, and interests.  

How government operates, legislates and regulates directly impacts our

everyday lives through what we are exposed to through the media,

 taxes, social programs, which laws are enforced, how our

communities are run and so much more.

Republicans believe in low taxation to ensure that the government does not spend and operate outside its’ bounds; limited government to prevent intrusion into our lives; the promotion of free enterprise to create opportunity; the sanctity of our individual liberty and freedom and upholding the ideals and values of the United States Constitution.

These beliefs and approach to governing enable us to be truly free!

Most importantly, however, is that Republicans believe that our basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are natural unalienable rights, not rights that are provided to us by any government structure, mandate or program.


We are ALL born worthy of freedom with the right to live freely.

This is why we vote Republican!

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