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Election 2024
President - U.S. Congress - PA Statewide Offices -PA Legislature 


  • Reducing crime

  • Strengthening the economy

  • Addressing the border crisis

  • Protecting constitutional freedoms


Your vote determines the policies impacting our everyday lives in our community.

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Meet Rodney


Creating opportunities for all

“Responsive leadership is necessary to recognize our unique challenges and act innovatively to solve them. I aim to ensure our community is a place where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. My campaign seeks to enhance our district by improving education, economic development, and infrastructure.”


Rodney has a carpentry and project management background, which has equipped him with a practical and hands-on approach to problem-solving. He has gained valuable experience through his work with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and in the construction sector, where he has dealt with complex and sensitive situations. Additionally, his past roles as Area Chair for the Uwchlan Township Republican Party and as a Downingtown Area School Board Director have given him a deep understanding of our community's needs and the governance skills required to address those needs effectively.


Rodney has been a proud resident of Chester County since 2000 when he and his wife bought their first home and started raising their family. His family roots are in Shippensburg, PA. When Rodney is not working, he enjoys participating in the community through various hobbies and interests. He volunteers at local events, explores the outdoors, and participates in local sports leagues. His campaign is not just about politics; it is about promoting a sense of unity and purpose that connects with every resident in the district.

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