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The Uwchlan Record: Facts & Refutes, Launch!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Clock set to lauch!

Hello Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA!

We are excited to announce that we, the Uwchlan Republican Committee is now online at Stay connected and updated on elections/ voter information, township topics, events and issues, and other civic related items by visiting our new site.

Be sure to sign up to receive select posts via our very own blog The Uwchlan Record: Facts & Refutes via the website.

You can also follow us on:

As we invite you to join us online, please be assured that we aim to provide our residents and voters with quality and timely information.

Unfortunately, our current political climate runs rampant with judgments, falsehoods, freeze frames, incomplete and inaccurate information designed to divide us and create intense immediate emotions.

We as the Uwchlan Republican Committee operate on facts. We welcome and encourage healthy rigorous debate so that we may challenge assumptions and create new thinking and solutions which suite presenting needs; locally and otherwise.

Winning elections based on merit is called democracy; falsely presenting information is called manipulation and spin used to generate reactivity!

We as a committee will illuminate facts and shed light on what is untrue and defaming. We request and invite connection with Uwchlan residents and voters across the political spectrum and are genuinely interested in your input and insights.

As a community of Republican, Independent, Libertarian and or conservative-leaning and conservative-friendly residents, we must involve ourselves to ensure and strengthen our freedoms from the local level on up.

We also need your help! No help is too little – Volunteer and or donate today!

Let’s get this conversation started!

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