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Let's Talk Energy with Guy Ciarrocchi, 6th District Congressional Candidate

We recently caught up with Guy Ciarrocchi on the campaign trail and asked him, "What's on voters' minds?" Unsurprisingly, it is the economy. "Inflation is eating up people's paychecks and savings. As a result, most people find they cannot buy as much or purchase regularly purchased items of lesser quantities. With little signs of slowing, inflation and the erosion of savings have voters feeling vulnerable and uncertain about their long-term financial situations. The current administration insists that inflation is transitory and a recession is not happening. Democrats do not want voters to trust their eyes or shrinking bank accounts. People know things are bad."

The government's attempt to mitigate the financial pain through The Inflation Reduction Act: "Look, we can't reduce the cost of living by spending money to control the climate; it's simply more taxes on businesses that get passed onto the purchaser. Much of the driving force of the current inflation has been the deliberate slowdown in domestic energy production. America has had enough oil to fuel the country for over 200 years. Our refining methods are cleaner than those of Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Asking Brazil and Saudi Arabia to increase oil production that will pollute our earth's air makes no sense. Slowing domestic energy production and increasing dependence on foreign oil are detrimental to our economy and planet."

Also commenting on the environment, Ciarrocchi points to the current air quality, "Today, Pennsylvania has the cleanest air we have ever had according to recorded data. This improvement has come from power plants and other industries shifting from coal and oil to natural gas. Pennsylvania is sitting on huge natural gas reserves, which should be utilized. Natural gas production in PA would ease our energy woes and create good paying jobs."

So, what else are people concerned about? "Folks are deeply concerned with the rise in violent crime in Philadelphia. In addition, they are concerned about violent crime spilling into the surrounding counties. It's a serious issue, and we need to address it. Our neighborhoods, Philly, Delco, Berks, and Chesco, need to be safe for all kids. Our police need our support, and we must get back to proactive policing."

Guy brings his background as a problem solver to this race. He has served as CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Congress, a prosecutor, and Deputy Attorney General. But Guy's most meaningful work is working as a girl's little league softball coach in his community. Giving back, serving his community, and standing up for the promise of America brought Guy into the race.

Let's get our community back on track by electing Guy Ciarrocchi for Congress.

Qualified. Experienced. Accomplished.

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