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Let's Elect Kyle Scribner - Proven Bipartisan Community Leader

The BETTER choice for ALL of us!

Kyle Scribner, Candidate, Representative PA State House 155th

Long-time Downingtown resident - business owner - Chairman of the East Brandywine Township Board of Supervisors - an elected State Constable (2015) and police liaison.

East Brandywine Township was voted as one of the Top 10 Safest Township’s in Pennsylvania under Kyle's leadership.

Endorsed by:

  • Chester County Fraternal Order of Police

  • The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Commonwealth’s leading small business advocacy association.


Kyle Scribner is on the November 8th ballot and asking for the vote of the good people of the 155th legislative district to represent ALL of us in Harrisburg. Kyle has a proven record of fighting to keep taxes low (lowered taxes three times), improving services, and helping to preserve hundreds of acres of open space. The top priorities for Kyle? The skyrocketing cost of living, bringing back emergency services to the community and crime.

“Inflation is gobbling up the purchasing power of all families in the 155th district. Measurement shows families spend an extra $500 per month on food, gas, and utilities, which is an extra $6,000 per year. If elected, lowering the cost of living is priority #1 for me as your state rep. I’ll look at ways to reduce our energy taxes and reduce everyday living costs.

Next, but of equal and critical importance, is our community and emergency health services. Covid 19 has done a number on our healthcare systems and resources. With the closure of Brandywine Hospital, other hospitals and EMS are now in overdrive to meet the needs of the area. I will work to find solutions to this situation. Health is invaluable, and we must make sure our community is not underserved in health and emergency services. I’ll partner across the aisle to bring back Brandywine Hospital and Medic 93. Our community deserves both these services. It’s about the health of our families and friends.

Crime skyrockets across the country and our area is also affected; by theft, carjackings, and home invasions. Now more than ever, we need more training for our law enforcement and sensible plans to keep our students safe in schools- It will not be a quick or easy fix and will require non-partisan work to implement these plans."

Kyle serves as the East Brandywine Township police liaison where the department is a Pennsylvania State law enforcement accredited police agency. Under his leadership, East Brandywine Township was voted as one of the Top 10 Safest Township’s in Pennsylvania.

"I look forward to serving and working alongside the constituents of the 155th. As a representative, I want to be transparent and accessible to those I am serving.”

Kyle is supported by Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, who respect, support, and trust him to deliver for the community, right here, locally, for the 155th. His track record speaks for itself.

A vote for Kyle is a vote for commonsense policies and solutions that put our community first!

Read about Kyle's Plan:

Follow his campaign on Facebook: vote4kylescribner

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