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Let's Bring Professionalism and Civility Back to the 44th District! - Elect Florio for State Senate.

Proven Community Leader, Dedicated Special Education Teacher and Proud Single Mom

The Better Choice to Represent ALL the People of the State Senate- 44th District

Proven Community Leader – Special Education Teacher – Single Mom

Chairman, Honey Brook Borough Council

Chair, 322 Transportation Committee

President of the Honey Brook Community Library Board of Trustees

Jessica’s long list of endorsements includes:

Fraternal Order of Police:

· Montgomery County Lodge, Local #14

· Berks County Lodge, Local #71

Pennsylvania State Troopers Association

Pennsylvania State Troopers – Lodge #65

International Association of Firefighters, Local #22

Pennsylvania State Corrections Association

Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry

PA Chamber of Business & Industry

Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council

Steamfitters, Local Union #420

*** And, they keep coming in...


Jessica is the consummate public servant with a heart for service and a keen mind for problem-solving. She's asking the good people of State Senate District #44 for their vote on November 8th. Jessica is an experienced community leader. She currently serves as President of the Honey Brook Boro Council, overseeing many vital services, including EMS and police and other impacting residents' daily lives. In addition, she sees firsthand how fiscal policy at the state level is hurting Chester County.

"At a time when all Pennsylvanians are struggling, our PA Senate should be laser-focused on reducing energy costs for residents. Instead, the regressive Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) passed recently will drive up electricity and home heating costs by more than 30% for our most vulnerable while destroying union jobs. I realize that a carbon reduction initiative is needed, yet this plan jumps ahead of where we are with renewable energy sources.

As Senator, I will work on drafting legislation to reduce the PA gas tax, currently the 3rd highest in the country. First, it is onerous on the workers who must commute, many of whom are essential workers serving our communities. It hurts small businesses which are struggling to stay solvent with rising costs. Lastly, it hurts our emergency responders whose fiscal years are only half over but are facing a shortfall in fuel budgets.

High-quality education is critical for long-term employment and career success. Every child in the Commonwealth deserves to be well-prepared to reach their future goals. As a teacher and a parent, I understand the desire of parents to see their child actively learning and growing as an individual. I respect and encourage parental involvement in education and promote school choice."

We are confident that Jessica Florio will serve our families of the 44th District with the utmost integrity and professionalism. She is a proven public servant who cares about people, their safety, and their quality of life.

To reach Jessica:

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